I make art for YOU.

My paintings are made with a specific person or personal memory in mind. I want YOU to have a painting of a meaningful thing that brings you joy.
Each painting comes ready to be framed in standard frames sizes. No fuss, no muss! 
9" x 12" - $250   |   6" x 8" - $175

Send me a message.

Ask me to paint:

- A special item you treasure
- Your favourite hobby
- A pet or animal that represent you
- The special toy or clothing item from when your child was a baby
- Your favourite food
- An object from nature
- The item that represents a special skill you have
- An item that represents a value you hold dear
- Your childhood stuffie 
- An heirloom – maybe one that cannot be shared among everyone in the family 
- An inside joke
- A wedding present
- A graduation present
- The keys to your first home or car
- An object from your childhood you no longer have, but want to remember 
- NOT a portrait or landscape 

For example:

- The bear painting is my son’s special stuffie
- The chess piece is for my husband and son who love to play together
- Fishing tackle reminds me of my dad
- The camera is for my mom who is a phenomenal photographer and was the designated moment capturer for our large family growing up
- Bottle of syrup because I joke about the immense volumes our family goes through
- Toy dinosaur is what I gave my now husband on our first date (I also have a dinosaur tattoo)
- Naval medals belong to my husband’s family
- A hot dog because they are delicious

Here is how it works.


Send me a message.

What would you like painted? Is it for you, or is it a gift?


I ask you questions.

I might need a reference photo, or more specifics about the object.



I'll make a mockup of the photo of the thing on a coloured background and get a thumbs up from you before I start.



I make the magic happen! This step will take 2-3 weeks (or more) based on how many requests I have. I will be in touch.



With the painting in your hands, happiness ensues!

Some recent commissioned paintings

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